I capture classic, bright, authentic photos across the great state of Texas. I specialize in portraits, business branding, and livestock / ranch photography.

Natural-light photography is my jam, which is just a fancy way of saying I LOVE shooting outdoors and chasing that golden hour glow. As a small town girl, I have a deep appreciation for southern hospitality, agriculture, and being outdoors.

Let's be friends and walk the downtowns, wildflower fields, and pastures to capture photos that reflect you or your business. This is my joy!

I'm Ivy McCay

thrifting junkie,
small town soul,
sunset obsessed

texas portrait & branding photographer

I'm always in tune with the emotions, details, and feelings of others. The good Lord wired me that way.

i'm a strong empath.

If you love photos that are lively, fun, and eye-catching, let's talk!

I have a bright, colorful, and natural editing style.    

I love partnering with clients to tell the story of American agriculture. As a 7th generation cattle raiser, I like spending my free time where there's wide open spaces and spotty cell phone service. That's my kind of heaven. 

i'm an ag enthusiast.

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